Is the new real?

‘History repeats’ is clichéd. History repeats because we don’t learn from History or experience, said S L Byrappa – the popular Kannada Novelist. How true! However when it comes to innovation and new technology, which are most discussed topics today, History has to repeat and has repeated as the innovations now are basically extension of past innovations. Does that mean we have learnt a lot from the past? Let us try to list few such facts in this article.

Nuclear warheads are a big concern for the whole world’s peace, harmony and the very existence. If you take India as an example, we have China, Pakistan and Iran which are nuclear states. Each of these countries possess nuclear warheads and missile technologies which can take the nuclear warheads precisely to any location and blast. Although its 70+ years since the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the world, at least Japan still wails in pain. 

The Hindu history gives the readers an account of a deadly weapon named Brahmastra. It is told that Brahma (the creator) was the creator of the weapon. When used, it would destroy the target and cause several collateral damages. The purpose of Brahmastra was to use it only to restore Dharma but, It was used by Vishwamitra when he was still Maharaja Kaushika against Vasista muni, Indrajitu son of Ravana used it against Hanuman and later against Rama’s army, Bhishma used it against Parashurama and Drona in the Kurukshetra war. While, Vasista, Parashuram neutralized the attack. Rama’s and Pandava’s army had to incur huge losses.

Aren’t we finding a close similarity between modern day’s defence technology and those day’s Brahmastra? Anyway… 

There are computer programs which reads the voice of the users and receives commands. There is that joke circulated on whatsapp, when a user coughed while using a voice recognizing software, the computer responded by saying, Welcome Kejriwal. Jokes apart, Voice recognition is a reality today. Aren’t we reminded of Khul Ja Sim Sim story? The doors of the cave filled with treasure opened when somebody uttered the sentence Khul Ja Sim Sim. May be the shortcoming those days was, it was not customized to one user.

Video chatting is a common practice today. Video conferencing is said to have saved a big amount of time and money to the business world. Fix up a time, go online, meet the concerned and carry out your work. This has made life easy for many. Hold on, it is told in the past the Yogis, mantriks had a glass ball. When they uttered few sayings (can call it mantras) the ball lit up and could see other person or places and even talk to a few on the other side. Aren’t we finding something similar to these days GPS, Skype, Google maps etc?

Your childhood was great if you have read Arabian Nights stories. As children the magic lamp, the flying mat fascinated us the most. Genie is a genius, leave him, but the mat.. Wow, what an invention. It took the whole party anywhere and in quick time. Isn’t it resembling the modern day’s invention on which companies like Google and Tesla are extensively working on? Driverless cars, bicycles etc. 

The Puspakavimaana of Ramayana – Not the popular Kamal Hassan Starter movie, resembles modern day’s aeroplanes. Nowhere in the Ramayana there is a mention on the fuel used for the Pushpakavimaana, can we assume it used solar energy? Anyway a modern day’s aeroplane run on solar energy has completed one full round around the earth using solar energy. Never forget, Pushpakavimaana could increase and decrease its size based on the requirement. Ramayana says, it carried the entire Kapisene from Lanka to Ayodhya. We are yet to achieve it. 

When a man tells he was in two places at the same time, for sure he is lying. Microsoft is working on a technology which makes one person to virtually appear in a far off place. So the story of lord krishna being present in two places at a given time was a reality those days. 

For a while let us forget all that is in Indian History, the Ebays, Flipkarts, Amazons in the whole of last decade told that going to kirana shops, malls for shopping is such a waste of time. They told, shop at the convenience of your house. Now the Amazon Go! Is a cashless store, concept remains the same, only thing is we don’t stand in queues to make the payment. 

It may be in terms of incidents, happenings or even technology don’t you feel, what is happening around you and me is all repetition and history is simply repeating itself. Or is it that the Indian

subcontinent history and civilizations were so rich that it has left nothing for our generation, as everything was done much before we took birth?

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