Sports! Some children are obsessed, most parents detest, Almost all teachers condescend.

But why?

Because none have understood sports in its real essence and sense.
For the above, it’s a deviation and distraction from education as in academics. Children are weaned away from sports when they reach grade 8, so that they focus on studies to become great professionals.
Well I mock at that idea.

Do the above really understand Sports quotient? Why is that all of us cannot be sportspersons liek how all of us cannot be Doctors, CAs and such? It’s for the simple reason, that like IQ in a said field – Intelligence Quotient, SQ – Sports Quotient, too is unique.

Well let’s try to figure out what are the Skillset and attributes required by a sportsperson –

1. Quick thinking
2. Planning
3. Delegating
4. Team work
5. Captaincy
6. Humility
7. Steadfastness
8. Equilibrium
9. Ability to have a bird’s eye view of the field while in the field
10. Ability to know one’s and the team members’ strengths and lacunae
So on and so forth

Now let us all sit back and remove those skills and attributes mentioned above, which would not be relevant for one to be a successful professionals, entrepreneurs, home makers and such.

I wouldn’t find any.

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