A great idea of academics with skills identification, enhancement and fortification, put forth by young heterogeneous minds culminated into one of the most practical college in Science, Commerce and Administration in less than 3 years, in Mysuru. Since then there hasn’t been looking back. However as we complete 10 happy, satisfying years of service to students, teachers, staff and the society, it gives me a sense of satisfaction, which is not to be mistaken for complacency, which only urges to do much more, keeping in tune with the changes happening and required in our nation and world. As we step to the next decade, we have the layout well planned and ready to be executed by the happy team. A plan which is structured yet flexible as we are highly aware of the needs of the dynamic requirements by the prospering societies.

Mr. Fouzan Raheel

Chairman – MET

It’s an era when everyone wants to be a leader. Why not? However leading is a science and an art. At MICA Mysuru, PU and UG, we ensure every student is encouraged to lead, in various capacities, by engaging them in various knowledge and capabilities building activities along with core academic exercises. Academics and Skill development has been the warp and weft of education imparting at MICA Mysuru. As I am fond of saying, the proof of the pudding is in eating it. Our Alumni have led and made a mark all over the world. Many have been lucky to have their passion as their profession, many more have been plum-placed, some have been lucky to meet great leaders like Jeff Bezos or David Cameron, in various fields at home and abroad. Our greatest pride is our Alumni come back often to their beloved Alma mater with immense gratitude. This has been our happiness in the last decade. As we produce leaders, we are also leaders in innovative ideas and curriculum. Wishing all Good Luck God bless, God Speed

Ms. Ponnamma MN

Director – Dept. of L&D

Dear parents and beloved students, Warm greetings from Mysore Institute of Commerce & Arts, Mysuru!! Education is a roadmap to a successful career, a bright future for an individual and one of the key components that brings growth and progress into society. Education as a system has evolved over time giving way to a more sophisticated, modern outlooks as we know it today. At Mysore Institute of Commerce & Arts, we believe in providing our students a holistic education which encompasses not only academic excellence but motivate and empower them to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers and responsible citizens of the ever-dynamic global society. Parents are the most strengthening power in moulding the future of children, hence your consistent support will empower us to do better. We believe in an open-door policy and urge all parents to take this opportunity to discuss your ward’s future plans so that we can move forward together.

Dr. Zareena Ummer

Principal, MICA UG College, Mysuru.

“Irreversible education nurtures the mind … Nutritious food strengths the body… Values refine the soul…” PUC is an important juncture in every student’s life. This is the right age for a student to nurture the mind, strengthen the body and refine the soul. At MICA PU College, the practices and philosophies that are in place aims at over all personality development and character building. Quality Education, Sport, Innovative labs, Co-curricular and Extracurricular activities are given equal importance and encouragement. Meet me to know more about the Life @ MICA PU College.

Mr. Ramacharan G

Principal, MICA PU College, Mysuru.

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