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Skill Enhancement

It is told a good proportion of jobs that we are engaged in today would be redundant in the next decade.  Does that mean a large number of people will go jobless? Definitely not.  The jobs that we are in today would still continue to be there but the mode in which it is being done would change. 

The Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Block Chain Technology, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things etc., would be the change drivers. These change drivers would accommodate all of us, provided we have acquired and upgraded our skills set. Mysore Institute has been built on the core idea of skill enhancement and development in the pupil that study here.  Mysore Institute is extending 21st century skills through various well defined and designed skill development programs.

Passion Promotion

They say ‘Passion is Pain’.  Despite passion giving pain, if somebody wants to realize the goal that is set, then, it is real passion.  Mysore Institute ensures that the ‘passionate’ are identified at the earliest. They are extended the resources at disposal and ensured that they realize their goal and live a passionate life. 

Industry interface

Today’s students are tomorrow’s corporates. 

The industry interaction at a tender age is a blessing.  Mysore Institute organizes industry interaction as early as in 1st PUC.  Students get to interact with business leaders, scientists, consultants, achievers etc., to understand the industry (real world).  Mysore Institute organizes visits to higher education institutions as well to expose students to various streams of studies.

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MI is affiliated to the prestigious Mysore University & Karnataka Pre University education board and it is located in the historic city of Mysore. MI was born out of the passion and knowledge for education of every young mind in the state and the country.


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